17 February 2022


In this episode, Alma-Constance and Lucinda learn more about the work of judges and juries in the crown court. They speak to Her Honour Judge Deborah Taylor, who is the Resident Judge at Southwark Crown Court in London, which is the fourth largest in the country and she is also Recorder of Westminster. She also sits in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division and in the High Court Queen’s Bench Division and Administrative Court. She is the Treasurer of the Inner temple and was a Judicial Appointments Commissioner from 2011-2013.

  • She tells us how judges manage serious criminal cases and  the qualities required to be a good judge,
  • about juries and what a good and reliable system it is,
  • the type of sentences available for adults and young people
  • how Inns of Court help financially support students wanting to be barristers,
  • about the High Sheriff’s awards to citizens who have given outstanding service in helping the police carry out their duties; and
  • why the size of a robing room can bring about equality for barristers!

When Deborah was 10 years old, she says she was quite rebellious always asking questions about why rules were in place and always arguing about whether we should obey them or not and she was a bit of a bookworm too!

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